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Mindful Workshop with two circles of people stood talking

Mindfulness Workshops

Our mindful classes were born out of Viki’s reflection of how comedy has made her a happier person and her aim to share this outside of the comedy world.

These mindful classes are a chance to improve core skills in a fun and playful way. Each class takes inspiration from drama and improvisation exercises to work together to develop skills and new thinking patterns. Sessions are taught in a happy and friendly way that have no judgement and certainly no pressure to be funny. Our classes encourage you to be in the moment, notice how you are feeling, be curious as you explore our games and new ways of thinking. And, most importantly, have fun!

We work as a group and in pairs for this super fun and friendly session. This isn’t a comedy or acting class, we’re simply using some of their exercises and ways of adapting our thinking. No experience in acting or comedy is needed.

  • Our brains have natural negativity bias. It's designed to keep us safe rather than happy so when mistakes happen we can get stuck focusing on the bad parts of them.

    In comedy we build up resilience through mistakes. Mistakes can lead to wonderfully funny things happening but as a performer we need to be okay with making mistakes in order to find the funny.

    These workshop explore how we can celebrate mistakes and think positively around them.

  • Collaboration is a key skill for life. Whether that's collaborating in the office, navigating everyone's brilliant ideas for your friend's birthday or joining forces with your partner to finally build that IKEA flatpack, being a good team player is essential.

    In improv comedy we learn to Yes And, which is where we accept the ideas people are putting out and build upon them. This leads to more engaging and humorous scenes. These lessons can apply in real life by taking onboard and building upon what others are suggesting rather than building our own agenda. Even if the ideas that come out are not particularly interesting; a boring idea can morph into a great one if it’s been collaborated with properly. By working together you can create something wonderful!

    These workshops focus on exercises to improve your skills in: Empathy and understanding, Problem-solving and adaptability, Team cohesion and morale, Communication and listening skills.

  • Listening is a skill that’s taken for granted. We’re able to half pay attention to conversations to keep them going but what’s really being said? Being a great listener can have so may benefits from better relationships, enhanced empathy and stronger communication.

    This workshop uses a mixture of movement, visual and audio exercises to develop listening skills and the ability to pick up on subconscious communication.

    "Listening is a master skill for personal and professional greatness." - Robin Sharma

  • We have lots more workshops planned around topics such as play, status, perfection and imposter syndrome, positivity, acceptance, connection and creativity. Please sign up to our mailing list to find out when new workshops go on sale.

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