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Playface run courses, workshops, shows and social events in London, UK around comedy, mindfulness and self development. With a focus on improvisation and clown. Everything we do has Play at the heart, we find some of the most joyful comedy comes from a sense of play and game. 

Co-created by Charlie and Viki Jackson. The Jacksons bring their kind, creative and positive energy to the comedy world. They’re keen to create happy and inclusive spaces where you can learn and perform comedy as well as hang out as a big bunch of nice humans. 

Charlie Jackson holding an exercise ball and wearing a knitted green hood. Otherwise he's dressed all in tight black. There's an orange background. He kinda looks like a goblin.

About Charlie

Charlie Jackson is an improv comedian and clown, teaching comedy with Playface and Hoopla as well as performing with multiple teams and individually. He’s been performing comedy since 2015 and has trained with various organisations and individuals from Phillippe Gaulier, Mick Barnfather, Hoopla, Free Association, Monkey Toast, Why Not Institute, The Maydays, Spontaneity Shop, Elf Lyons, Damien Warren-Smith, Viggo Venn, Zack Zucker and more. He has performed in hundreds of shows both in London and internationally. 

Charlie Jackson is the Disco Wizard incarnate and brings magical props, costumes and weirdness to all their shows!

Charlie does live shows and makes strange videos.

See Charlie in the following:

  • Live (check Instagram/ socials for small shows and open mics. Big shows will be listed below)

  • Kerfuffle (improv time directed by Charlie)

  • Modern Art (as tech/ host/ an invader or an act)

  • VAJ & CAJ (husband and wife improv duo)

  • Oh Baby (kids play with puppets, clowning and more fun!)

Viki Jackson Headshot

About Viki

Viki Jackson is a stand up, improv comedian and clown. She’s been performing and training in comedy since 2016 and has trained with Hoopla, Free Association, Dec Munro, Viggo Venn and The Maydays. She’s performed and hosted over 100 shows in improv, clown and stand up comedy. 

She also has eight years experience in social media, advertising and PR where she worked on some big brands including Pringles, Coca-Cola, Dr. Martens and Sky for film shoots, animations, events and a whole bunch more. She’s brought all of this knowledge into the comedy world! 

Viki’s also a trained happiness facilitator with the Museum of Happiness so you can bet that her workshops have a super upbeat and positive energy, leaving you feeling good as you skip out into the world! 

Catch Viki in:

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