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How can we help you?

Whether you need audience voting on their phones for real time improvised outcomes on stage, a new website, mobile app or have an idea for a game or the next great new comedy tool. We can help you.

Playface was co-founded by Charlie Jackson, a highly experienced software developer who has built many products that blend technology and comedy. From Asking an AI Audience, creating improvised story telling mobile games or planning an entire improv show with live audience voting for outcomes.

Outside of that Charlie and our network of developers have a lot of experience, in web, mobile, desktop and electronic software engineering. Get in touch and we can help build something amazing!

  • We’ve built dozens of websites, we can definitely help you build anything from simple sites to promote your comedy to complex tools, web games etc. Have an idea for a viral comedy social network, we can build it.

    We built this website from scratch, if you like this, get in touch!

  • We’ve built many mobile apps for iOS and Android. Got an idea for a new stand-up app to organise your jokes, suggest new ones with AI and perform for you? We’ll build it!

  • Want to build the next online Cards Against Humanity? Or got something more ambitious? Get in touch!

  • Need a way for audience to interact with screens on stage, vote during a comedy battle, or give suggestions? We can help figure out a solution.

  • We have experience in integrating modern AI tools into products and services. What fun ways are there to use AI and comedy? Let’s find out together.

  • Tech comes in all shapes and sizes, get in touch and we’ll see where we can help.

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