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A collage of comedy posters and social media visuals designed by Playface


How can we help you?

Playface is highly creative and has an eye for a good design. We primarily create show posters, flyers and social media content but can also run and manage projects if you need something a bit more bespoke like an illustration, animation , photoshoot or video.

If you are interested in a design please email comedy@playface.fun with all your details including: name, show name, any imagery, venue, social profiles, ticket link or purchase information, deadline.

  • Created in all sorts of shapes and sizes for print. We can even work with printers to take that task off your hands.

  • Need a batch of social sizes images or animations to promote your show? Maybe even a video created. Talk to us and we’ll get it done.

  • With a background in advertising we’re able to connect you with an array of designers, animators, video editors, illustrators and web developers that are the right fit for your project.

    We can even offer managing the project for you so it all runs smoothly.

  • Comedy poster for the improv group Kerfuffle. Text reads "Kerfuffle presents Theatresports".  14 members of Kerfuffle are on the poster and there's a trophy in the middle.
  • Comedy poster for the show Bath (WIP) by Charlie Jackson. Charlie is in a cartoon bath with bubbles and ducks.
  • Square social media image for Board Game Club August 4th 2023 by Playface. There are details about the event and some clowns playing cards.
  • Square comedy poster for Gerry Carol's Edinburgh Fringe Festival show 2023. Gerry is sitting down in a train and there are details about the show.
  • Workshop poster for "Clowning for Improv" on the 12th September 2023. A profile picture of Charlie is in the middle
  • Post for the Wood Party 2023. There are tree's at night with festoon lights and fun colours lighting everything up.
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