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Board Game Club January 2024 - Game Spread


Outside of training and shows we love to put on social events and build online/ in person communities around comedy, play and mindfulness. Here's what we get up to!

  • Board Game Club for Comedy Fans! - A monthly meet-up (since June 2023) in London where we play board games. See any upcoming events below or on our socials.

  • Recommendations - Our page of alternative comedy recommendations, from schools, teachers, performers, books and more.

  • WhatsApp Groups - Main Community Link

    • Let's Watch (London) - Where everyone recommends alternative comedy shows to go watch and arrange to go together

    • Board Game Club - Where we discuss games to bring etc for the monthly board game club

    • Workshops - Where everyone can recommend alternative comedy workshops in and around London

    • Plug My Show - A place for people to plug their own alternative comedy shows

    • Performing Opportunities - Do you run a comedy night? Find acts here

And stay connected on our socials:

Upcoming Community Events

  • Board Game Club January 2024
  • Board Game Club January 2024 - Game Spread
  • Poster for the Playface Board Game Club for comedians
  • Board Game Club November 2023
  • Board Game Club January 2024 - Codenames
  • Board Game Club December 2023 - Crokinole
  • Board Game Club December 2023
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