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Oh Baby

OHH, BABY! It's a show for kids (and a fun phrase to say out loud).

Packed with puppets and Sesame Street-inspired nostalgia, Ohh, Baby! is a play to delight children and grown ups alike. Everyone is welcome, but it's best for kids aged 5 to 10. Imaginary friend Barnsley is a little bit lost. The reason? They were sent out into the Real World before they could find an imagination to live inside.

Out in the Real World, Lily is far too busy to think about imaginary friends. She's got her hands full with Cathy Chicken, a Victorian ghost boy and a babychino expert. Oh, and Mister Whiskers, of course. Will Lily learn to use her imagination? Will Barnsley ever find a friend? And who the heck is Spanglejoy Cosypants? A giggle-tastic, gently surreal extravaganza about the quest for true friendship, and the power of imagination.

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