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Playface Recommends: Brighton Fringe

  • by Viki Jackson

Brighton Fringe kicks off on 3rd May and runs until 2nd June. There are so many great shows coming up so we’ve put together some of our recommendations. These are all performers we’ve seen before and loved or have heard tons of good things about. Don't forget you can see our house team, Kerfuffle performing in Brighton on 11th & 12th May AND Improv The Dead on 17th May and 1st June.

Our recommendations:

David Hoskin: Hølìdåÿ

You've seen him teaching our physicality workshops, David's show is a beautiful, hysterical and surrealist tale of one man's attempt to travel around the world. 25th May at 4.30pm.

Mandeep Singh Singh'ng in the rain

A feel good comedy hour with lots of fun characters, songs and silly! Catch it on 11th & 18th May 4.15pm.

Caroline Madds & Katie McLeod

You may have seen Katie on the stage of Modern Art, now she's got a split bill with Caroline. Catch Hello Treacle on 18th and 19th May at 1.45pm.


Geri frequented the Modern Art stage last year and now she's off to the seaside to find love. An old lady joins Tinder - what more do you need? Catch this clown and character comedy show on 15th - 17th May 9.15pm.

Garry Starr: Penguins

We saw the WIP of this a few weeks back and loved it. Be prepared for nudity at it's best (is that a saying?) as we save all the penguins, the Garry Starr way! 24th & 25th May 8.30pm.


An energetic and fun improv team from the London scene, Gämez are creating TV shows based off audience suggestions. 4th & 5th May 8pm.

Cameron Sinclair Harris: Planets WIP

Another frequenter of the Modern Art stage, Cam takes you on a journey through space to meet all the planets. 28th, 29th, 30th May 6.15pm

Stephen Catling: Beehavioural Problems: Something Something Autism

You may have seen Stephen covered in honey (also on the Modern Art stage, okay a lot of these recommendations have been at Modern Art but what can we say, we know a good act!). 18th May 9.15pm and 25th May at 7.45pm.

Chris East: My Brain Is Soup, Your Hands Are The Spoons

Expect characters, costumes, music and an existential crisis. Chris is a character comedian and, yep you guessed it, has performed and Modern Art before. May 25th - 27th and 1st & 2nd June 1.45pm.

Michael Kunze: Infinity Mirror

We caught this show in Edinburgh last year and loved it. Expect LOTS of characters. 11th May 3.15pm, 18th May 2pm, 1st June 5.45pm.

Kathy Maniura: Objectified

Meet an exhausting paper straw, a desperate electric scooter and a teeny tiny sexy little airpod among others in an hour of silliness that might make you look at the world a little differently. 25th & 26th May 3.30pm.

Gerry Carroll: Light

Gerry is an absolute gem! His show travels through his life story with clown, song and dance. We've seen his previous shows at Edinburgh Fringe and they leave you feeling great! 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th May and 2nd June at 1pm.

Bex Turner: Bexual Healing

Get ready for an array of retro socially awkward headstrong female characters. Bex has appears on the Modern Art stage before and given us a glimpse into some of these and their wit will have you giggling away. 20th - 24th May at 7.15pm and 25th May at 3.45pm.

CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation

Improv crime! A fully improvised murder mystery where you get to pick who you think did it. 11th May at 3.30pm and 6pm, 1st June at 3.30 and 6pm.


We’ve heard lots about this show and it's had sell out runs at Edinburgh Fringe and Soho Theatre so go and check it out! 23rd - 25th May 6.30pm.


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