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Thirteen performers on stage posing for a photograph

Modern Art Variety 11th October

  • by Viki Jackson

We’re back for round three! With the show booked the day after Josh’s birthday we thought it was fun to theme it as his surprise birthday party. In true idiot clown fashion we posted about this all over social and Josh became very much aware that this was happening. In each Modern Art we’ve used the theme to dictate an ongoing storyline for the night, this time we’d sold the rights to Modern Art to the Evil Tarquin and Trey Gack. These characters punctuated the night between acts as the audience boo’d them off stage or were convinced to buy socks (don’t ask!). We also had Eric with his usual antics and PayMeToStop causing havoc in the interval.

We had some incredible acts across the night. We opened with Elf Lyons who revealed her revealing top and had a one way interaction with Mark. Next up was Jim Hooker who explained what it’s like to be both an uncle and a divorcee. The stage was then invaded by an adorable looking creature (Becky Walker) told us their ambitions of turning naughty people into jelly shoes before Max Divine took us for a swim.

After the interval, Ally O’Leary told us about her escape room while Moss went back to the mediaeval ages as a jester. Sticking with history, David Hoskin jumped aboard his boar and took us to Valhalla.

The last two acts had a slight animal theme as Camilla sung some sweet lobster melodies and Stephen Catling took a snails pace literally for his entrance.

The show came to a head with a cake throwing and wrestle between Tarquin and our security henchman Mark. The clowns stole back the night and Modern Art lives another day!

The night was MC’d by Josh InVain and Viki Jackson. Special thanks to Small Beer Brewery for having us back! 

Modern Art is a new regular night in London. Follow Modern Art on Instagram to keep up to date and if you’d like to perform with us then head here and fill in the form.

  • Thirteen performers on stage posing for a photograph
  • Comedian performing on stage
  • Two performers on stage one is pushing a birthday cake into the other one's face
  • Comedian Max Divine performing on stage
  • Comedians Josh InVain and Eric performing on stage
  • Comedian Becky Walker wearing a purple child's character head performing comedy into a microphone
  • Comedian Josh InVain performing on stage
  • Comedian performing on stage dressed as a lobster
  • Comedian Elf Lyons on stage stood next to a bouncer
  • Comedian David Hoskin dressed as a Viking performing to an audience


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