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Dark image showing comedians Julia Masli in blue, only her face is illuminated and there is a small light bulb above her head

Let’s Watch - Lorna Rose Treen, Garry Starr and Julia Masli

  • by Charlie Jackson

Welcome to our first edition of Let’s Watch! Where we share some of the non Playface shows we’ve booked to go an see and have heard people talking about. You can join the discussion on our WhatsApp Group here.

Lorna Rose Treen: Skin Pigeon

First up is Lorna! Fresh out of an amazing Edinburgh run, we’ve had the pleasure of improvising with Lorna, but couldn’t see her Edinburgh show due to selling out super fast. We’re seeing her show at the Soho Theatre, London on 20th October. That dates sold out now but there’s still a handful of tickets left for other dates. Not actually sure what to expect, except we’ve heard excellent things.

Garry Starr Performs Everything

Damien Warren-Smith is Garry Starr, the fantastical clown and highlight of our Edinburgh fringe from last year. Apparently performing everything at Southwark Playhouse, London. We’re going on the 2nd December.

Julia Masli: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

One of our favourite shows from this years fringe! Julia will solve your problem in a delightful clowny way, we’ve seen this show already but can’t wait to go again (it’s different every time), this time at the Soho Theatre, London, we’re going on the 7th Feb.

Do you have any shows you’re going to see soon and fit with our Playface ethos of comedy through play? Add them in the comments or tag us on socials. Or join our WhatsApp Group here.


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