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Dark woodland which is hosting a party. We can see the lights, fire, gazebo and people dancing in a colourful setting

A Labyrinth themed wood rave

  • by Viki Jackson

The brief was Labyrinth themed rave in the woods and we delivered. We combined the colourful rave aesthetic with Labyrinth to create a magical wonderland.

Every year for the past thirteen years we've thrown a party in a wood. It's evolved and grown over the years but this September was a special one. We were commissioned to throw a Labyrinth themed party for a 40th birthday. We were in the woods a few days before setting up. On the Saturday, guests arrived from 2pm and pitched their tents, there was BBQ food at 6pm before it gets dark and then the dancing starts. There's always a feeling of anticipation as it gets darker and we start the bonfire and turn on more and more lights until we are left in a multicolour clearing, dancing the stars.

The decorations and different areas we create make it all seem so unique. These are our favourite decs from this time:


Fireys were created using cardboard, paper mache, paint and fur. These were attached these to mannequins (we usually have these scattered about the woods as they get pretty scary when you bump into them in the dark). One of our fireys was suspended as a nod towards the creatures throwing their heads about in the film.

Stone faces

The false alarms in the film tell Sarah to go back so we created giant versions of these for as people arrived at the woods. These made from cardboard, paint and spray paint. One kind of looks like Sylvester Stallone - can you see it?

Speech bubbles

As people drive into the woods we made speech bubbles with quotes from the film telling them to “go back", this isn't the way”. I loved this as a hint to tell people what was to come. It also made us smile as you had to have seen the film to understand it, else you think you are actually going the wrong way…


This area is one of my favourites. Tucked behind the tree line we’ve got a circle of colourful pallets under the parachute. The ceiling is lit up with multicolours stars and it’s a great place to sit and take everything in.

Other stuff we liked was the general vibes with little touches like floating balloons as hints towards David Bowie's crystal ball, stairway painting behind the DJ booth by India Jackson, interactive wall of hands and the whoopie cushion stones leading to the “bog of eternal stench” (toilets).

  • Dark woodland which is hosting a party. We can see the lights, fire, gazebo and people dancing in a colourful setting
  • Colourful lights spill out of a DJ booth and people are dancing. The foreground of the image shows a leather jacket being worn by a mannequin in a cowboy hat which says Dance Magic Dance.
  • Old Parachute suspended in their air over colourfully painted wooden pallets. The parachute is lit up with a colourful glowing light in the centre and fairy lights are around the outside. It is between trees in a wood
  • Three mannequins are dressed in orange goblin masks and fur whilst leaning against trees. There is a large crystal chandler suspended in the middle and fairy lights around
  • A Dj booth is surrounded by colourful lighting
  • A table in a woods which holds the top half of a mannequin, makeup pots, flowers and an image of goblins. It dark but the table is lit with fairy lights strung across it and in the background you can see colourful lights illuminating the trees
  • Gazebo tent which has fairy lights across the roof to light it. There is an MC Escher style painting in the background of stairs and a man standing at the front of the gazebo leading over a DJ booth
  • Man is stood in the woods uplight by festoon lights around him whilst juggling fire clubs. There is a large moon and stars by him
  • A painted face in the style of stone is uplight against a dark background
  • A suspended sheet shows hands sticking out of it. There is a graffitied mannequin propped next to it
  • A facd painted in the style of stone is propped beneath two trees and cars are parked behind it


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