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Clowning workshop with participants walking in a circle wit their arms in the air

Play Workshops

Step away from your adult worries and rediscover your childlike curiosity. Our play workshops focus around getting you out of your head, into your body and having fun fun fun!

We have a whole bunch of games and exercises designed to release happy endorphins and switching your brain into 'play mode'. It's proven that play can decrease your stress levels and heighten creativity - plus it's super joyful too.

New workshop dates coming soon - please sign up and we'll let you know as soon as dates are released!

  • Remember Grandmother's Footsteps? How about Duck, Duck, Goose? These are the kinds games we'll be doing in our physical play workshop. As well as movement games we'll have some more thinking ones such as "word at a time story" - which is, pretty much what it says on the box!

  • Hands up if you played Consequences as a kid? The game where you'd co-create a character by passing paper around a circle. Well, that's one of the things we do as well as other exercises involving drawing, painting and mark making.

  • Expect cardboard and lots of gaffer - we're making props baby! In this workshop we'll be creating props, models and maybe even the odd puppet. It's a chance to get creative and play with the objects you have around you to create something new and wonderful.

  • Clowning workshop with participants walking in a circle wit their arms in the air
  • Clowning workshop group photo with arm in the air and smiling
  • Group photo showing class participants smiling to the camera
  • Mindful Workshop group photo of people pulling silly faces holding signs saying love and shine and happiness
  • Clowning group photo of people pulling silly faces against a turquoise background
  • Mindful Workshop with two circles of people stood talking
  • Improv team gathering for a photo
  • Mindful class group photo showing five smiling people