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Improv team gathering for a photo

Improv Workshops

Dive into the world of improvisation (improv). Discover the joy of spontaneity, positivity, teamwork and fun! We cover concepts like game, character, mime, scene setting and much more.

  • This is a taster session in improv. We'll explore the basics of improv concepts such as Yes And plus we'll have lots of fun in games and exercises designed to make you play.

  • We're bringing our clowning knowledge onto the improv stage! These workshops go through a variety of exercises designed to help you develop a more playful, silly and responsive style of improv.

  • Elevate your improv with this physical comedy workshop. Bring new levels of physicality to your improv scenes!

    The workshop develops and focuses on expressing emotion and story through physicality, comedic timing, improved mime and space work along with using our bodies to bring improv to life in new and exciting ways.

  • Clowning workshop with participants walking in a circle wit their arms in the air
  • Clowning workshop group photo with arm in the air and smiling
  • Group photo showing class participants smiling to the camera
  • Mindful Workshop group photo of people pulling silly faces holding signs saying love and shine and happiness
  • Clowning group photo of people pulling silly faces against a turquoise background
  • Mindful Workshop with two circles of people stood talking
  • Improv team gathering for a photo
  • Mindful class group photo showing five smiling people