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Comedians on stage posing for photo

Modern Art Variety 7th July

  • by Viki Jackson

Summer loving had me a blast, Summer loving happened so fast… The sunshine had gone to our heads as we found ourselves in the mix of the second Modern Art Variety, beautifully themed as our summer ball. The night kicked off with a Grease singalong and a beach ball toss before the Viking (David Hoskin) took us sailing into the night. 

James Pendleton was our stand up act of the evening and taught us how Duolingo can help you get laid in Spanish. Then we had our audience act of the night. I should explain this, at the start of the night the audience had a chance to sign up to do a set. One was picked at random and this time it was Oliver. He had one shoe on and we’re still not quite sure why.  

Next was Charlie Jackson who took the modern art theme very literally and did a set as a portrait of a man in the bath. I guess a bath is close to a pool right?

Eric was up to his usual tricks and found any opportunity to get into the paddling pool between acts. We also had our raffle which had amazing prizes including a volcano making kit!

Cameron Sinclair Harris took us to the stars and taught us a thing or two about Mercury. We rounded off the night with Stephen Catling’s set which couldn’t BEE any sweeter. As in his act involved honey. A lot of honey. And a very messy stage. 

No summer ball is complete without a water fight which ensued between Eric and Viki. We’re not sure who won, we’re not sure why we are so wet but we sure did have fun! 

The night was MC’d by Josh InVain and Viki Jackson. Special thanks to Small Beer Brewery for having us back! 

Modern Art is a new regular night in London. Follow Modern Art on Instagram to keep up to date and if you’d like to perform with us then head here and fill in the form.

  • The stage at the Modern Art comedy show. The stage is dressed up for summer. There's a paddling pool, bunting, deck chairs and a beach ball.
  • Comedians on stage posing for photo
  • Eric sitting in a dry paddling pool on stage at Modern Art comedy gig
  • Cam and Stephen on stage at Modern Art comedy gig. Cam is pouring honey over Stephen, who is dressed like a bumble bee. There's a bunch of smoke in the background and the stage is dressed to look like a summer party.
  • Comedian on stage with audience member wearing an inflatable animal
  • Comedian on stage with his foot in the air
  • Comedian on stage holding a microphone
  • Comedian on stage wearing a pink waterproof and a backpack on their front
  • Comedian on stage wearing a portrait
  • Comedian on stage wearing a cardboard boat dressed as a viking
  • Water fight between two people on a street
  • Rock paper scissors contest on stage


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