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Modern Art April Adam B Magician on stage with two audience members

Modern Art, Shakespeare edition!

  • by Viki Jackson

Last night was our monthly edition of Modern Art. A variety show jam packed with.... variety of the alternative comedy vibe. This month's theme was Shakespeare, fitting as he died the day before, 408 years earlier. Our resident Shakeyspeair expert, Helena Page-Turner (aka Viki Jackson) took up MCing with a little help from her unknown understudy, Josh InVain.

In an attempt to fit in all of Shakeeeepeare's favourite theatre we kicked off with some magic from Adam B, which was followed by a song from Katie Handley. Then Hannah Lloyd-Davies told us how Shakespeare got his beard before Cerys O'Connell reenacted a Shakespeare play for us!

Kitchen Man gave us a tour of the kitchen in Shakespeare's times, Halima cleaned up before a Caliban-esque monster in the form of David Hoskin gave us the silent treatment. Finally, Karisma came along to do some witchcraft with her tarot readings.

Modern Art is a regular night in London. Follow Modern Art on Instagram to keep up to date and if you’d like to perform with us then head here and fill in the form.

  • Modern Art April Adam B Magician on stage with two audience members
  • Performer on stage holding a drawing of a robber
  • Modern Art April
  • Stand up comic
  • Performer and audience member on stage reading from a script
  • Modern Art April Kitchen Man performer on stage
  • Performer on stage
  • Performer on stage
  • Mime on stage
  • Performers on stage
  • Magician and audience on stage
  • Performer climbing through audience
  • Physical Comedy and Mime artist on stage Miming


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