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Captain Breadbeard with an image of bread

Modern Art, Festival

  • by Viki Jackson

With the sun shining and festival season truly among us, we had the perfect theme for this month's Modern Art - that's right: festivals! Hosted by VAJ & CAJ (aka Viki and Charlie Jackson) a week before they teach play at Glastonbury (and some other festivals).

The night took a trip through a typical festival weekend as Viki and Charlie acted out aspects of the festivals including some audience suggested dance moves, how to navigate the tricky portaloos and an world class guitar solo.

The night opened at the food stalls with Captain Breadbeard providing the snacks before we headed to a top secret guest of the Foo Fighters, Emma Rose Davies! Next up we had a laze in the afternoon sun as we watched Jo Sherwood give us a big reveal.

Headlining night 1 of our festival was Chris Ryan who took us on a trip of a lifetime. Day two opened with a strict word from Nick Adamson before we got back to basics, real basics, with Eric in the kids area. We discovered a secret stage inside a portaloo with Ally O'Leary who took us down under. The headlining the second night (half) we had Josh InVain who had a little help from a fox and we all ended up dancing in the moonlight.

A true festival! Join us again next month (17th July) when we celebrate our first birthday - tickets and details here.

  • Emma Rose Davies performing a song on a mini keyboard
  • Captain Breadbeard with an image of bread
  • Chris Ryan clown
  • Stand up pointing to baby on board badge
  • Stand up Ally O'Leary
  • Nick Adamson dressed as army man
  • Woman demonstrating being in a portaloo whilst being pointed at by a man
  • Clown dancing on stage with a fox
  • Modern Art Festivals Eric performer on stage with audience participant dressed as baby
  • Audience watching show
  • Clowns Viki and Charlie Jackson on stage
  • Clown Emma Rose Davies on stage
  • Image of room watching clown on stage


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