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Modern Art Board Games MCs on stage

Modern Art, Board Games

  • by Viki Jackson

This month's Modern Art was Board Game themed. As big board game fans, we pulled out all the stops from Mr Dice spinning about on stage as the audience arrived, Sharks Vs Pokemon dividing the audience into teams, head to head rounds, mystery rounds and that's not even mentioning THE rule book. The night was hosted by Carlos Sunjack (aka Charlie Jackson)

Abbi Cole opened after which we had a trivia round where the audience won with their knowledge of Abbi's set! Alessandor Earnst was up next to do nothing. Literally. Followed by Lawrence who played about with everything he could find on stage and had us kicking off our shoes to dance about. As footwear was replaced we heard from Toussaint who gave us some home truths.

After the interval we heard about Isaac's fears of AI. Mr Dice then excitedly launched into a surprise mystery round with an Uno Reverse card calling back a previous act. Alessandor Earnst took the stage with a toothbrush. Finally we had Tawny Owl to bring us back down to earth with a french rap.

In between acts team sharks were taking on Pokemon with questions and challenges being decided by the rolls of Mr Dice (who got extremely dizzy throughout the show). The Sharks were crowned champions of the night after they took the lead during the final double points round - sorry "Ash"!

  • Modern Art Board Games Abbi Cole
  • Modern Art Board Games Dice and mc on stage
  • Modern Art Board Games Viki dressed as a dice
  • Modern Art Board Games Alessandor Earnest
  • Modern Art Board Games Toussaint
  • Modern Art Board Games Tawny owl performing
  • Modern Art Board Games   Lawrence performing comedy
  • Modern Art Board Games Issac performing stand up
  • Modern Art Board Games Alesssandor Earnest performing clown


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