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Improv the dead team (6 people) posing like zombies beside their blood stained banner saying Improv The Dead

Improv the Dead at Brighton Horror Fest

  • by Viki Jackson

Improv the Dead went to the seaside to take part in Brighton Horror Fest.

Armed with the suggestion of a Portuguese aquarium, the film collective set about creating a 50 minute narrative set within a post apocalyptic world. It begun on a boat where three fishermen realised floating about on zombie fish infested waters wasn’t a great idea. Following their love of fish, they headed to the nearest aquarium, battling hordes of zombies along the way.

Improv The Dead team on stage. Two team members have their arms outstretched trying to reach another person who looks shocked meanwhile another member is arresting another.

Meanwhile we met the cast in the aquarium; Jowell a marine biologist with a hunger for power, an innocent sweetshop girl with a love of otters, Manuel the penguin feeder and the graduate from Darlington who remained unnamed until he graduated.

Throughout the show we discovered the Otters were being instagrammed by the sweet shop girl and because they were so adorable, it kept up morale all over the world. So when they turned into zombie otters (zotters) by Jowell’s evil plot, the world descended into a chaotic bloodbath. Sweetshop girl soothed the zombies by giving them sweets and gobstoppers to distract them from their blood thirst and things were looking up until Derk jumped in with a plot twist that he had masterminded the entire thing to take over the world with his otters and penguins.

Otters battles against zotters before the doors to the shark tank were opened and nearly the entire cast were eaten.

So now we know what it would be like at an aquarium during the zombie apocalypse!

Improv the Dead run a monthly night and improv jam at the Old Queens Head in Piccadilly Circus, info here.

Improv the dead on stage. Three cast members are kneeling like otters, one is sat down and pointing whilst another looks confused.


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