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Viki Jackson dressed as a fortune teller with face paint stood with her hands on her hips besides some graffiti

Halloween Characters And Getting Into Character

  • by Viki Jackson

A part of Halloween that I love is getting into character. We usually create fancy dress from whatever we have lying around the house and then immerse ourselves into that character's personality for the evening. A recent favourite halloween character was my fortune teller. I spent the evening doing readings, “saging” the house and muttering spells under my breath. Occasionally I would stand completely still for a minute or so, pretending to communicate with the other side. Playing the character makes a Halloween outfit all the more fun, especially for improvisors. These are the ways to get there...

Charlie Jackson dressed as a clown holding his arms out to the sides in a powerful pose whilst stood on a train platform

What do they want from the night?

Do they have a specific person they want to talk to, something to drink, what would bring them happiness or fulfilment?

For example my fortune teller would ponder on readings and be very obscure with what she said. She would speak very seriously and hardly smile. But for a vampire they may want to drink all the time or hang out in the corner of rooms where it's darkest.

What are their opinions on other characters?

What would happen if a ghost and a vampire met. Would the vampire try to bite them? Maybe they would bond over what it's like to be celebrated once a year but feared for the rest of it?

What are their physical mannerisms?

Are you a vampire who leads with one arm up under a cloak? A fortune teller whose movements are fluid and dream like? Or the skeleton of a dinosaur that prances around but with an air of jerky motion.

What props can you take with you?

Or do you have a special drinking vessel or snack if you are going to a house party?

Do they have a certain pose for photos?

It always makes me smile when you see people dressed up all scary and then grinning in photos. Adapt a spooky pose for the photos. Then again the seeing a bunch of zombies smiling on the tube is funny...

How about a saying or phrase?

A stupid pun can be fun too!

Viki Jackson dressed as a fortune teller with face paint stood with her hands on her hips besides some graffiti


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